Reviews of Craig's book "Jazz Chord Solos for Tenor Ukulele"

Jazz Chord Solos

Great, tasteful arrangements! They're a bit challenging, but never gratuitously complex. Craig (author/musician) is an awesome player. As an added bonus, he has a youtube channel, so in addition to having the arrangements on tab and standard notation, there's a great-sounding cd included, and you can even dial up performances on youtube to watch them being played. Great value, some very nice reference and instructional materials, and some very good music. – SM 11/24/2013

Really nice arrangements. Maybe a little hard for a beginner, but take your time and practice! This book has some of the best arrangements I've seen for ukulele. – KIR 11/16/2013

I'm not sure why someone would review a jazz chord solos book only to downgrade it because it is challenging. These arrangements are lovingly put together and the CD is superb in giving you audio samples to emulate. Yes, if you only know C, F and a few other chords on the ukulele, you are not ready for this. But if you like jazz arrangements and would classify yourself as an intermediate player, then I can think of very few ukulele books that would give you so many hours of consistent and satisfying learning. Please remember that the arrangements are for Low G. – CT 8/30/2013

Hey Craig! ...I'm really enjoying it! There are some very challenging pieces but they are very well arranged. I love having both standard music notation as well as tablature... makes it so much easier to see how the notes should be fingered.    – S 5/31/2013

This book is my target and I need to practice hard... to achieve it! Thanks a lot, Craig, for your music, thanks for your tutorials, thanks for everything!    – C in Taiwan 5/24/2013

I got the book today and am listening already, awesome! Please make more material like this, I think there is a void in the market for fleshed out songs/pieces like these. I appreciate the fact that they don't end at the two minute mark like lots of other books. This makes them performance worthy in my humble opinion.      – W 12/17/2012

Great book - I know I will learn a lot from this. I really love "WAVE" with the bass line.  Happy New Year!     – DS 12/31/2012

WOW! brilliant work, congratulations... absolutely wonderful arrangements and beautifully written tabs.     –C 1/6/2013

Lots of wonderful voicings and very challenging. The CD is also very well done and helps me develop my ear more. I really appreciate the obvious loving effort you put into making it. This is such a fine addition to the rather limited  number of low G jazz books. Start thinking about the next song collection!     –C 1/6/2013:

Very impressed with your playing, Craig.  Beautiful arrangements, and you seem so at peace as you strum.     –D 1/16/2013

Your book / CD is terrific. You and Howard hear and convey the music in a beautiful and unique way. I look forward to volume II.     –B 2/17/2013

I've been enjoying your book. I've been playing five years with a couple hours practice per day, on various size ukes.  I'm 61 and active, about to retire...

I've been memorizing "Here's That Rainy Day" and have managed to learn by breaking it up into phrases.  Those phrases are interesting to me because they are little resolutions.  It often seems that moving from the beginning to the end of a phrase is like climbing or descending a ladder to a settled space or a place from which to launch into another run.  Sometimes the phrases seem like a pattern of movements of the hand and sometimes after practicing a phrase for a while my hand slips into an easier way to do it, so that the movement is simpler and smoother.  Your book, your arrangements are giving me that learning, that finger memory, that enjoyment because ultimately I like to play because I like the sound of what I'm playing. Thank you and please write another book with similar songs, even if I'm not finished with the current one for a few years.     – K

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