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Jazz Chord Solos


I've been playing ukulele for a little over a year now. A few months into learning the instrument (with no prior experience on string instruments), I naively purchased your book of jazz solos only to be intimidated by their challenges.

Since then, I've used your book as inspiration. I picked up Susan Howell's easier chord melody book, learned the basics of chord melody arrangement, and began to arrange songs from the Daily Ukulele books for simple chord-melody performance.

Last month, I returned to your book and began to learn "Here, There, and Everywhere", "What a Wonderful World", and "Honeysuckle Rose". Lo and behold, they are now accessible (with a good deal of work).

I do not know that I'll ever learn all of the arrangements contained in your book. The melodic balance of reentrant tuning now holds more attraction for me than does the extended range of linear tuning, but your book has been my north star whenever I got stuck in a rut or reached a plateau.

Thank you for putting the book together.

-David W. – 8/2016

...Although we try to make one of the best, I am still trying to remain humble and realize it's really all about people like you, professional players who appreciate what we are doing, and then display to others the potential of the instrument. You will go down in history as one of the pioneers of the new modern era of "professional" ukulele. "Serious" ukulele, with a smile. aloha, John, Ko'olau Pono Guitar & 'Ukulele – 6/2013

I was delighted to receive the Tennessee Waltz tab and harmonized scale exercises. Am anxious to see what I can do with the new info. Thank you. – M 5/2013

I love your work. I have played a few of your arrangements and enjoy them very much. Most of all, I like your taste in music. From the jazz you choose to the Beatles transcriptions as well as the "classical" stuff, it's all music I love to hear. Perhaps most of all, I deeply appreciate your obvious appreciation if not your love for your mentor. I believe this is a vital ingredient in your wonderful music.     – S 4/2013

Very impressed with your playing, Craig.  Beautiful arrangements, and you seem so at peace as you strum.     –D 1/16/2013

...it's so good to see what you have done with the ukulele. You have contributed to elevating the instrument to where it belongs. The ukulele is finally respected and much has to do with you. Thanks, and I hope your book and recordings continue to receive the recognition they deserve.     –JK 4/13/2013

Thank you for posting your uke lessons/instructions. I run a little [ukulele] club and very much appreciate your efforts and contribution to the uke community.     –JB 4/13/2013

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