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Interviews and Mentions in the Press

Interviews and News Mentions


Sept 2014

I've just been published in Issue 3 of Ukulele Rhythms Magazine - Check it out!

Craig Brandau || Chord Melody

The goal of this series of articles is to provide the beginning-to intermediate player the basic tools to create chord melody arrangements. Although you do not need know how to read music in order to understand the lessons, I highly recommend taking the time to learn where the notes of the ukulele fretboard are located in relation to the music staff. The song I've chosen for this lesson is "Down in the Valley," a traditional folk song that many are familiar with and contains only two chords: C and G7...

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January 2014

I've just been featured in Issue 31 of Ukulele Player Magazine - Check it out!

by Austin Kaiser, Ph.D

Craig Brandau is one of the rising stars in the ukulele world. He is a virtuoso in the tradition of Lyle Ritz, Ohta-San, and Benny Chong, creating finely crafted arrangements of standards which he performs with elegance and impeccable technique. Unlike Ritz, Ohta, or Chong, however, Brandau began as a guitarist and only took up the ukulele after years of work on his original instrument. He even attended the Guitar Institute of Technology. Like so many ukulele converts, his encounter with this small Hawaiian instrument was a turning point in his musical life.

Brandau encountered another musical turning point when he began to study with the legendary guitarist and teacher Howard Heitmeyer in 1990. At the time, Brandau was still playing the guitar, but he has made extensive use of Heitmeyer's techniques in his ukulele playing. Both of his albums, Tenderly (2009) and Try to Remember (2011), feature arrangements for ukulele by Heitmeyer. The former also features an original composition that Heitmeyer wrote for his student entitled "Craig's Waltz."

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