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Bali Ha’i
My CD, “Somewhere,” featuring this tune and other favorites, is available at Apple Music/iTunes and Amazon.
Danny Boy
This is an instructional video for Danny Boy (Londonderry Air). Download the free arrangement here. Get my CD “Somewhere,” featuring this tune and other favorites.
Down in the Valley
This is an instructional video for beginning chord melody played on the ukulele. Enjoy!
Download the free arrangement here.
This is a beginning piano piece that my mentor, Howard Heitmeyer, has arranged for ukulele with low G tuning. Enjoy!
Download the free arrangement here.
A Time For Us (Theme from Romeo and Juliet)
This is Nico Rota’s beautiful theme to the 1968 film, “Romeo and Juliet.” Henry Mancini arranged the film score.
Download the free arrangement here.
“Study” by Aguado
Here’s a famous classical guitar study arranged for ukulele with low G tuning. For those of you who wish to learn this song, the sheet music is available for free here.
It Might As Well Be Spring
Academy Award-winning Rodgers and Hammerstein song from the 1945 film State Fair.
The Christmas Song
Ukulele rendition of the holiday classic. MP3 single is available now. More info.
Black Orpheus
This song, by Luis Bonfá, is based on “Manhã de Carnaval” and is a seminal piece in the Brazilian Bossa Nova genre. This was one of my first arrangements for the ukulele, and while figuring it out, I could hear the musical voice of my mentor, Howard Heitmeyer in the chord voicings.

This song is on my CD, “Tenderly.”
Here, There and Everywhere
An often requested song from my CD “Tenderly.” I am also extremely honored that Hawaii Public Radio included it in their annual compilation CD “Music From Across the Hawaiian Islands Vol. II.”
El Noi de la Mare
This is a classical arrangement for ukulele with low G tuning. It’s a well-known piece within classical guitar circles and was played by Segovia during his concerts. Get the TAB.
Craig’s Waltz by Howard Heitmeyer
I received this song from Howard as a complete surprise. Unbeknownst to him, my mother had just passed and Cali and I returned home to find this piece in our mailbox… this song means so much to me.
Two versions can be found on my CD, “Tenderly.” Once played by me with a bass and once as a solo guitar piece by Howard… what a joy and honor to have him play on my CD!
Get Together Fingerpicking Pattern 
This past summer my wife, Cali Rose, and I gave a couple of workshops in Northern Virginia and Maryland. Here’s one of the picking patterns that I taught. It works both for reentrant and low G tuning. Download the free TAB here.
Honeysuckle Rose  
This is one of Howard Heitmeyer‘s nifty arrangements included in my upcoming book, “Jazz Chord Solos for the Ukulele.”
This is one of Howard Heitmeyer‘s more complex and beautiful arrangements. It comes from the 1944 film noir, “Laura,” starring Gene Tierney and Dana Andrews. The story is about a detective who falls in love with a woman whose murder he’s investigating, ergo, the “spooky” intro in the song. I hope you enjoy the arrangement.
Mona Lisa  
This is one of three complete solos on my CD, “Try To Remember.” Hope you enjoy the tune!
Moon River  
This is Mancini’s “Moon River,” which Howard arranged for me a while back. “Georgine and Joe” are two of the nicest people we met on our recent trip to Kauai and the video is dedicated to them.
On The Street Where You Live 
This is a wonderful Learner and Loewe tune from the musical, “My Fair Lady” and I hope you enjoy it. This song is on my CD, “Tenderly.”
Never My Love  
This song is on my CD, “Try To Remember,” available on iTunes/Apple Music and Amazon. I play a custom Ko’olau pineapple ukulele and for more information go to Ko’olau Ukulele’s website.
The Oracle
This is an original classical piece that Howard Heitmeyer kindly wrote for me. With Howard’s permission, I named it “The Oracle” because it makes me think of ancient Greek sirens dancing and playing the lyre to honor their gods.
Over the Rainbow
Here’s my arrangement of this classic song.
I borrowed (wink, wink) a couple of ideas from the great ukulele player, Bryan Tolentino. I hope you enjoy it.
The Shadow of Your Smile
This is the very first song that my mentor Howard Heitmeyer created for the tenor ukulele. This song is on my CD, “Tenderly.”
Scarborough Fair
This is Howard Heitmeyer‘s arrangement of “Scarborough Fair” for ukulele with low G. TAB. Download the free arrangement here.
From West Side Story, here’s a beautiful song that I’ve always loved. I recorded this using my iPhone 4S and am playing my Ko’olau CS Tenor.
Stranger in Paradise
This song comes from the musical, “Kismet.” It was arranged by my mentor, Howard Heitmeyer. I hope you enjoy it.
I’ll Never Fall in Love Again
Ukulele rendition of the song by composer Burt Bacharach with lyricist Hal David. Originally written for the 1968 musical Promises, Promises, it became a billboard hit for Dionne Warwick in 197o.
Study in Arpeggios 
Here’s a great Tárrega or Aguado-like arpeggio piece that Howard Heitmeyer composed for the ukulele with low G tuning. This little piece helps me to keep my chops up when I don’t have as much time to practice as I’d like.
Get the free arrangement here. I’m playing my custom Ko’olau Pineapple tenor ukulele.
Here’s an arrangement for the ukulele by Howard Heitmeyer that I recorded for my CD, “Tenderly,” available on iTunes/Apple Music and Amazon. 
Tennessee Waltz Solo Ukulele Lesson 
This arrangement works for both low G and reentrant tunings. Download the arrangement here.
Til There Was You 
This is one of Howard Heitmeyer‘s beautiful arrangements included in my book, “Jazz Chord Solos for the Ukulele,” This song was recorded by both Shirley Jones (The Music Man) and The Beatles! 
Try to Remember  
This is the title song from my new CD, “Try To Remember.” It’s one of my mentor Howard Heitmeyer‘s gems. I hope you enjoy it! Download the arrangement here.
What Are You Doing The Rest of Your Life?  
Here’s a beautiful piece by one of my favorite composers, Michel Legrand. This song is on my CD “Tenderly.”
This is Jobim’s “Wave,” a true Bossa Nova classic. This song is in my book “Jazz Chord Solos for the Ukulele.”
When You Wish Upon a Star  
Here’s another song from my CD “Try To Remember.” On the CD I have a bass player, but I think you’ll enjoy listening to this video, too. For some ukulele players, this song holds a special meaning, because one of our icons, Cliff Edwards, was the singing voice of Jiminy Cricket in “Pinocchio.”
An instructional video for learning, “Yesterday,” as a chord solo. Download the TAB free here. Please see my book, “Jazz Chord Solos for the Ukulele” for more favorites.